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Buying a lodge on your own land 

Buying a lodge or park home on your own land is a great value way to add luxury accommodation to your existing property or land. With a much lower cost than a traditional bricks and mortar extension and more flexible design and build options, a Kingston lodge is perfect for providing extra space on your existing land. 
Whilst adding a lodge is a great option, there are some considerations you need to make before you go ahead. That’s why we’ve created this informative guide so you can move into the journey with your eyes wide open and are aware of the common pitfalls that some customers have made in the past. Whether you’re buying a Kingston lodge or a building from another manufacturer, we’re always on hand for a no obligation chat to advise you on the best option for you and your family. 

Site Access Visit 

Right at the start of the process we recommend booking a visit to your property with our access team. They will arrive at your property take a look at a few things; 
How much room do you have and what size lodge will be suitable for you? 
How easy will it be to site and install the lodge at your property? 
We’ll check the route from our factory to your property to make sure that there’s nothing in the way that would stop the delivery of your lodge. 
The team will also look at what’s needed to install the base for the lodge, water, sewerage and power to the new lodge and will include this within the quote. 

Planning Permission 

The phrase planning permission can strike fear into the most experienced property developers but with a lodge planning permission, things are a lot more straightforward. 
If the land you are planning on siting the lodge already has an existing habitable building, you do not need full planning permission but will require a certificate of lawfulness. These can be applied for online and are straight forward to complete. Once you have the certificate, you are ready to go and can start planning the design and installation of your new lodge. There are some restrictions in place with regards to the certificate of lawfulness. 
You may not charge rent for people living in the lodge 
People living in the lodge must have full access to the other property on the premises 
You may not run a business out of the lodge 
If you are looking to site the lodge in an official area of outstanding natural beauty or a national park you will need to apply for full planning permission. If the piece of land you have does not have any buildings on it you will also have to apply for full planning permission. To assist any planning applications, we can provide drawings, floorplans and elevations. We will also be able to make any modifications required by the planning authorities. 

Design Time 

Once you have the required planning certificate the real fun begins in designing your lodge. This is where you will choose one of our luxury models and use the unique customisation framework to create your dream lodge. 
Kitchens, bathrooms, sofas and walk in wardrobes are just a few of the options available through the framework and our expert design team will be able to guide you through the process and ensure the best possible outcome for you. We can also provide specialist modifications such as accessibility alterations like widened doorframes and disability friendly bathrooms. Customers are welcome to visit our factory at any point of the design and build process to see how their lodge is coming together. 
Once you’ve signed off the final designs, we’ll provide you with your guaranteed delivery dates. The production of your new lodge normally takes around 10-12 weeks. 


Once the design has been completed and your new home is being built, you will need to provide the base and services before your home is delivered. Our design team will provide you with a drawing showing items such as service connections, drainage and holding down points for you new home. 
Thanks to the previous preparation by our access team and the timely preparation of the base, siting and installation is a relatively smooth and swift process. Our team will site your new home, ensuring that it is level, and complete all the internal & external works to make sure that it meets the high Kingston quality standards. Once siting is complete, we’ll guide you through your new home and show you how everything works before we leave. This will leave you to just connect and commission the services and provide any decking, skirting or steps that you require, before you can move in and really enjoy your new home. 

12 Month Warranty Check 

A year after the installation we’ll be back to carry out a 12-month warranty check and make sure everything is in working order. 

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