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Buying Your Own Lodge 
Whether you would like buy a Kingston lodge on an existing park or for your own land, we’ll deliver a quality product on time, in full and error free. Our huge range of customisation options means you can truly create something that feels just like home. 
Unrivalled build quality  
We focus on doing the simple things well and getting the small details right and because of this, you’ll feel the quality as you walk through the door. You can be 100% confident that your new lodge will stand the test of time whilst maintaining a quality and luxurious feel 
Once you’re happy with the design of your lodge, we will offer guaranteed production and delivery dates. We understand how costly, both financially and emotionally, delays can be to customers so offer this guarantee so you can start enjoying your lodge as soon as possible 
Unique Customisation Framework  
With a huge range of options, our Customisation Framework allows you to stamp your identity on to your lodge. Whether you’re looking for a high-end luxury feel to or a simple style, we can achieve the finish your looking at great value for money. 
The perfect model for you  
Our new generation of lodges each offer something different meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect model for your park. Combined with our Customisation Framework, you’ll have something that’s just right for you. 

Take a look at our buyers guides for purchasing a home or lodge for your own land 


Take a look at our buyers guides for purchasing a home or lodge on a park 


Want to know more? Contact Kingston Park & Leisure Homes and speak to one of our friendly team. 

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